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Life insurance is a policy designed to take care of your loved ones, caring for them in the event that unforeseen circumstances occur.

Life insurance policies are about finding the right plan that optimizes your needs. Many of those who opt for a life insurance plan actually do not cover their needs in the most efficient manner.

The 3 types of life insurance:


This is a popular plan in which you are guaranteed financial protection for a set amount of time (i.e. 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc.). It’s an attractive option because rates are generally lower than a permanent option, but coverage expires once the term is completed.


A life insurance policy that keeps you covered for life. This type of life insurance overage is a flexible option, generally with higher premiums than term-life insurance, but comes with a tax-deferred savings component that could accumulate wealth over time.

Whole    This type of life insurance coverage is typically a fixed premium that is used to cover a lifetime. It does not offer the flexibility of a universal option, but can also function as a tax-deferred savings account, which can accumulate over time.

Regardless of the plan you decide on,  will cover each option in detail, tailored to your specific needs that need to be met. We help find the best quotes that meet these needs as well as answer any questions you have.  Call us today at 734-425-5888